We have a true passion for beads.


The Paperchain team in Uganda consists of ten ladies and men who make the jewellery, headed by the wonderful Maama Paula who trains the team. Joseph manages everything on the Ugandan side.

The UK team design and market the jewellery as well as selling it.


Maama Paula

maama P.PNG

Maama Paula is the crafts trainer and chief bead maker for Paperchain.

A mother of five and married for 40 happy years; Maama Paula has been making beads for over 20 years. She began her career as a 'haulker' carrying her wares around trying to sell them when someone noticed her talent for craft.

Maama Paula has a eye for detail and loves to design new styles. She is a fantastic mentor and trainer to the entire Paperchain team. Nothing is shipped before Maama Paula has quality checked it and given it her stamp of approval.







Hannah has spent a lot of time in Uganda over the past number of years and together with her mother Avril, has developed the Paperchain brand and concept.

Hannah looks after design and PR for Paperchain alongside and liaising with the Ugandan team. Avril and Hannah sell the jewellery through Inson Fashion Agency.

For information on becoming a stockist contact Avril and Hannah on info@paperchain.co.uk

The Team

Paperchain has a regular team of 12 ladies who create necklaces on a daily basis; during university vacation time the team grows to 16 ladies and men.

The day to day management is done by Joseph (far left) and the finances managed by Kenneth (far right). Paperchain provides an income for the team while also enabling them to be part of a bigger picture. Each woman is empowered that they are helping not only their own family but enabling other children to be brought off the streets and housed through the projects we support. Ugandans helping Ugandans.