Paperchain Scholarship


At Paperchain we are passionate about people...

that's where we began; with a passion for people and creativity. Paperchain are now in the position to nurture another passionate individual through the Paperchain University Scholarship.

Our Scholar Shadrack is the son of one of our hard-working Paperchain maamas; Agnes. Agnes is a single-mother who provides for Shadrack and Lawrence ensuring they have a roof over their heads and food to eat. 

In the years Paperchain have known Shadrack he has proven to be a very hard-working and ambitious young man; he single-handedly co-ordinates the Backyard Bible Club and weekly Youth Meetings, working odd-jobs to provide snacks for the children. He has a passion for children and wants to study Social Work at Univeristy. Shadrack has a very positive outlook on life and has been a joy to get to know.

Paperchain are investing in Shadrack and his passion by sending him to Kampala Christian University to do a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration; within this course Shadrack will work with both government institutions and NGO's.  In his application he shared

I am an obedient, God fearing and hard working young man. I believe to be able to achieve my fullest potential I need more exposure, more knowledge and skills which I can get through a Higher Education
— Shadrack

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